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Username Ideas

Amazing Photos at the Click of the ButtoniPhone AppsInstagram is an amazing photography app readily available for iPhone. Instagram, an iPhone application, lets you share your photographs across multiple social media networks. Uploading can be as simple as adding photos from you guessed it-your camera roll or photo stream. However, people who share that sentiment were left speechless after it was announced that Facebook would buy Instagram for double its estimated value. It's the digital camera feature of Instagram that requires notice.

Then there are others who're less than fond of their names, and want to come track of something cooler. Here's a novel idea, let the image tell the story. . Browse through the Gallery and upload the photo.

Composition Tells the Story. The alternative apps will not be as widely used. Facebook's purchase of Instagram would only constitute an error if better or cheaper alternatives exist for Facebook's intended purpose, which the public isn't currently privy to. . When you receive your photo listed as "popular," it displays on the star screen of the Instagram application.

Instagram is special because it's everything Facebook isn't. Let's see what happens after that. Get your picture some exposure by having Instagram post it to Facebook & Twitter for you. This may not be the plan, but Pinterest will instagram bot barely stand a chance if the two were being integrated such that users is only going to require a single login.

Now that you've logged to your Instagram web profile and are viewing it in your computer, just scan through the photos on a greater screen. But for the 'little man' this isn't a good move. I don't believe Instagram provided a superior product with other photography apps, they just simply hold the hottest and many popular name as of this time. But for your 'little man' this isn't a good move. .

Instagram provides a similar "like" feature that Facebook incorporates. All of these alternatives have ios and android versions. Unfortunately, there is certainly no zoom function available through the app nor once a photo is taken.

-- Your Fellow Instagrammer :). . Worse still, Instagram could possibly be re-branded into a better version of Pinterest.

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